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Custom Events

Tracee comes with lots of events, but you can extend it with events specific to your use case. There are two ways to extend Tracee with your own events:

  1. Go
  2. Rego

Once you created your own event, you can load it using the signatures-dir flag. For example, if you created your event in the path /tmp/myevents to use it you would start tracee with:

tracee --signatures-dir=/tmp/myevents


Tracee also uses the custom events to add a few events, if you pass your own directory for signatures-dir you will not load the tracee Behaviour events, to avoid such problems, you can either place your own events under the same directory of the tracee custom events, or pass multiple directories for example:

tracee --signatures-dir=/tmp/myevents --signatures-dir=./dist/signatures

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