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getgid16 - Get the real group ID of the calling process


This system call gets the real group ID of the calling process. This is a wrapper for the 64-bit system call, which is expected to be faster than the 32-bit system call. There are no edge cases, drawbacks or advantages when using this system call.


  • None: void - No arguments used

Available Tags

  • None - This call does not have any available tags.






Hooking this function is used for debugging and inspecting the state of the system call in order to gain insight into how the real group ID of the calling process is determined.

Example Use Case

This system call is used to get the group ID of the user that executed a specific process. This is useful for getting access control information or writing scripts based on process identities.


There are no known issues with this system call.

  • getuid16 - Get the real user ID of the calling process
  • setgid16 - Set the real group ID of the calling process

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