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getuid16 - get the real user ID of the calling process


The getuid16() system call returns the real user ID of the calling process. It may be used to check if the user has the appropriate privileges to perform certain operations. getuid16() and geteuid16() pair together in order to determine the effective and real user ID that the process is running under. There are no edge cases or drawbacks to using this system call, however, it is important to note that a process can only view the real user ID of itself, as opposed to other processes.


  • void: void - This system call takes no arguments.






To examine the processes that are making this system call.

Example Use Case

This system call can be used to check for certain privileges or access rights of the user in order to allow certain operations to be executed. For example, a web application could use this system call to check for the user ID of the currently logged in user and then determine if that user has permission to delete or modify certain content.


There are no known issues with this system call.

  • geteuid16 - get the effective user ID of the calling process
  • setuid16 - set the real user ID and effective user ID of the calling process

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