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get_thread_area - Retrieves the thread-local storage (TLS) area for the current process


The get_thread_area() system call retrieves the thread-local storage (TLS) area for the current process. It is used during the initialization of a thread to find the address of the thread's TLS segment. The TLS area consists of one or more segments, each of which contains zero or more thread-specific copies of TLS variables, with each variable in turn having a specific data type. This system call is only available in the x86 architecture.

This call is typically used with the user_desc structure, which is used by the set_thread_area() system call to set a thread's TLS.


  • u_info:struct user_desc*[U] - Pointer to a user_desc structure that will contain the thread's TLS information.

Available Tags

  • K - Originated from kernel-space.
  • U - Originated from user space (for example, pointer to user space memory used to get it)
  • TOCTOU - Vulnerable to TOCTOU (time of check, time of use)
  • OPT - Optional argument - might not always be available (passed with null value)






Hooked to check when and how this syscall is used.

Example Use Case

The get_thread_area() system call is used to retrieve the thread-local storage (TLS) area for the current process. This can be used in conjunction with the set_thread_area() system call to configure the thread's TLS.



  • set_thread_area() - Used to set the TLS area for the current thread.

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