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getuid - Retrieve user identity


This event retrieves the user identity of the calling process. This is usually the real user ID of the calling process, but may be changed to the effective user ID or saved user ID depending on the implementation of the calling process.

The getuid event is useful for authentication of process and user identities in systems which require privilege separation. However, there are some potential drawbacks: it may not be possible to differentiate processes across userid boundaries, or between related userids in certain implementations.


no arguments

Available Tags







For auditing, logging or tracing purposes, the getuid event can be used to monitor and log the user identity of a process.

Example Use Case

The getuid event can be used to trace users who are using a program or an application in order to track the usage of the program.


The getuid event may not be able to differentiate between processes running with different userids in certain implementations.

  • geteuid - Retrieve effective user identity
  • getresuid - Get real, effective and saved user identity

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