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pread64 - read up to count bytes from file descriptor fd at offset offset


The pread64() system call reads up to count bytes from file descriptor fd at offset offset. It is identical to read except for the checking for a file descriptor that supports pread and the offset parameter.

Unlike read the data is not read from the current file offset; instead, offset byteswithe counted from the start of the file.

If some bytes were read before and O_APPEND was not set on the file descriptor, subsequent reads are made from the position which was 'current' at the time pread64() has been called. If the file was open with O_APPEND set, the data will be read from the current end of file.

The pread64() system call does not change the file offset and it is not affected by whether or not O_APPEND is set on the file descriptor.


  • fd:int - file descriptor of the file to be read
  • buf:void*[K] - a pointer to a buffer in which the data should be stored
  • count:size_t - the number of bytes to be read
  • offset:off_t - offset from the start of the file

Available Tags

  • K - Originated from kernel-space






To trace reads from the start of a file.

Example Use Case

A security audit might need to track activity that reads from the beginning of files.



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