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mq_unlink - remove a message queue from the system


The mq_unlink() system call removes a message queue named name from the system. This is a permanent operation, and any associated resources are immediately freed for other use.

If the message queue does not exist, the call fails and the system call returns
with the errno set to ENOENT.


  • name:const char*[K] - the name of the message queue to be unlinked.

Available Tags

  • K - Originated from kernel-space.





To be able to track when a message queue is unlinked from the system.

Example Use Case

This system call can be used to be aware of what message queues are unlinked from the system in order to debug an application or analyze where resources are being freed in the system.


No known issues.

  • mq_open
  • mq_send
  • mq_close

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