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adjtimex - adjust timekeeping variables with the aim of improving accuracy


The adjtimex syscall is used to make adjustments to system clock variables. This syscall provides access to the Linux kernel time variables, making it possible to adjust the kernel’s clock frequency and phase, as well as the system time offset.

When using adjtimex, it is important to remember that this syscall can modify important system variables. It may lead to side effects like clock desynchronization or even time rollbacks, making it important to be aware of the adjustments being performed to the system’s time variables.


  • buf: struct timex*[K] - a pointer to a struct timex. This argument contains the adjtimex settings.

Available Tags

  • K - Originated from kernel-space.




Kprobes + tracepoints


Monitoring and modifying system time variables.

Example Use Case

The adjtimex system call can be used to adjust the system's clock offset, frequency and phase. This can be used to provide better time synchronization if there is an issue with current system time accuracy.


It can lead to unexpected behavior if used incorrectly (e.g. time rollbacks).

  • settimeofday
  • clock_settime
  • do_adjtimex

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