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sched_getscheduler - Retrieve the scheduling policy of a process.


The sched_getscheduler() system call retrieves the scheduling policy currently applied to the process identified by pid. If pid is zero, the policy of the calling process is retrieved.

The available scheduling policies are: * SCHED_OTHER - the traditional time-sharing policy. * SCHED_FIFO - a first-in, first-out policy * SCHED_RR - a round-robin policy

sched_getscheduler() can be used to retrieve the currently used scheduling policy for any process, allowing for the comparison of different policies for a process or for multiple processes.


  • pid:pid_t[K] - The tid of the process whose policy will be retrieved.

Available Tags

  • K - Originated from kernel-space.


No functions are hooked in order to allow execution of the system call.

Example Use Case

This system call can be used in the context of a monitoring application to compare scheduling policies between different processes.



The system call sched_setscheduler is related to this system call, as it allows for the setting of the scheduling policy for a process.

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