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ppoll - poll file descriptors with a timeout given with nanosecond precision


ppoll is a Linux syscall that polls a list of file descriptors provided in a struct pollfd array with the expectation of a response within a given timespec timeout. It also serves to allow certain interrupts or signals to be temporarily ignored while ppoll is running. It is very similar to the poll syscall but with the timespec capability for nanosecond level timeouts.

The advantages of using ppoll over poll are that it can provide a much finer grained control when setting a timeout, and can block signals from interrupting it while it runs. The main potential drawback is that since it is a newer syscall, it may not be supported by all distributions.


  • fds:struct pollfd*[K] - Pointer to the array of pollfd structures.
  • nfds:unsigned int[K] - Number of pollfd structures in the array.
  • tmo_p:struct timespec*[K] - Pointer to an object of type timespec that specifies the maximum amount of time (in nanoseconds) that the call will block waiting for a response.
  • sigmask:const sigset_t*[K] - Optional pointer to a signal set that is carefully managed while ppoll is running, to prevent system interrupts (such as signals) from interfering with the response time of the call.
  • sigsetsize:size_t[K] - Optional value for size of the sigmask. If a sigmask is passed in, then sigsetsize must provide the size of the sigmask including any padding.

Available Tags

  • K - Originated from kernel-space.






Hooks the functions that handles the ppoll syscall, to allow for monitoring its execution.

Example Use Case

A process needs to read multiple files concurrently but not take too long to return a result. ppoll could be used with short timeout values to make sure that the call doesn't wait too long on any single file, while still allowing it to monitor multiple files.


Since ppoll is a relatively new syscall, there may be compatibility issues when running on older versions of Linux that don't support it. Additionally, the fine-grained timeout values may not work on certain systems, especially when those systems use slower hard drives.

poll - simpler syscall performing similar action without nanosecond-level timeouts

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