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restart_syscall - Restarts a stopped system call that was previously interrupted by a signal


The restart_syscall system call restarts a previously suspended system call using the SA_RESTART flag supplied when setting a signal handler with sigaction. This system call restarts the call which was previously interrupted using sigprocmask and allows execution to continue where it left off. This system call is useful in situations where a signal was handled by a signal handler, such as when a child process is killed, but without restarting the system call, execution could be left in an inconsistent state.


  • None

Available Tags

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Tracing restarted system calls to monitor the impact of signals in the system.

Example Use Case

Tracing restarted system calls to detect a system call that is taking too long to complete, or to determine how long it takes to restart a system call.


There may be some system calls which cannot be restarted, and in those cases the restart_syscall system call may fail.

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