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geteuid16 - Get the user ID of the current user.


geteuid16 is a system call in Linux which returns the user id of the user associated with the current process. It does not take any arguments, and simply returns the requested user ID type. It is notable for being a compatibility call for older binaries which were intended to be used with different architectures.

The advantages of using geteuid16 are that it is very simple to use, does not take any arguments and does not depend on any context; the user ID is simply returned as trivially as possible.


  • This syscall does not take any arguments.

Available Tags

This syscall does not have any tags.






To detect when the geteuid16 system call has been called.

Example Use Case

A security policy may include the requirement that only privileged users should be able to call geteuid16. This syscall can be used in conjunction with other monitoring systems to detect any unauthorized access attempts.


As geteuid16 is a compatibility syscall, there is a slight chance of it being obsolete and/or unavailable if its intended architecture is no longer supported.

  • getuid16

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