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Using the Tracee container image on MacOS with Parallels and Vagrant

There are a few more steps involved in running Tracee through a container image on arm64 (M1).


First, clone the Tracee Git repository and move into the root directory:

git clone

cd tracee

Next, use Vagrant to start a Parallels VM:

vagrant up

This will use the Vagrantfile in the root of the Tracee directory.

Lastly, ssh into the created VM:

vagrant ssh

Now, it is possible to run the Tracee Container image:

docker run --name tracee -it --rm \
  --pid=host --cgroupns=host --privileged \
  -v /etc/os-release:/etc/os-release-host:ro \
  -v /var/run:/var/run:ro \

To learn how to install Tracee in a production environment, check out the Kubernetes guide.