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Process Memory Access Detection


The ProcMemAccess signature is designed to monitor and identify unauthorized or suspicious attempts to access a process's memory through the Linux proc filesystem.


In Linux, each process has an associated directory in the /proc filesystem, labeled by its PID (Process Identifier). Within this directory, the mem file provides an interface to access the process's memory. This can be invaluable for debugging, but it also poses a significant security risk. Malicious actors can exploit this access point to read confidential data from running processes, including secrets and credentials.

By accessing these memory files, adversaries can gain insights into the system's operations and potentially extract valuable information. The ProcMemAccess signature, therefore, employs a regex pattern to vigilantly track access to these mem files, raising alerts when detected.


The primary objective of the ProcMemAccess signature is to flag unauthorized or unexpected access to the memory of running processes. Monitoring these accesses is paramount as it can provide early warnings about potential data breaches or malware activities attempting to steal sensitive information.


  • ID: TRC-1023
  • Version: 1
  • Name: Process memory access detected
  • EventName: proc_mem_access
  • Description: The signature identifies unauthorized or suspicious attempts to access the memory of running processes via the /proc filesystem. Such access can be indicative of attacks aiming to steal credentials, secrets, or other sensitive data from these processes.
  • Properties:
  • Severity: 3 (Moderate threat level)
  • Category: credential-access
  • Technique: Proc Filesystem
  • Kubernetes_Technique: N/A
  • id: attack-pattern--3120b9fa-23b8-4500-ae73-09494f607b7d
  • external_id: T1003.007


Upon detection of a potential threat, the signature returns a Finding data structure, which encapsulates:

  • SigMetadata: Metadata, as defined by the signature, that outlines the specifics of the threat.
  • Event: Detailed account of the event that triggered the signature.
  • Data: Currently initialized to nil, signifying no supplementary data is attached.

Events Used

The primary event the signature leans on for its functioning is:

  • security_file_open: This event is triggered when there's an attempt to access a file. The signature cross-references the accessed file's pathname with its regex pattern to discern whether there's an endeavor to access a process's memory file in the /proc filesystem.