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container_create - A derived event that signifies the creation of a new *container.


The container_create event is intricately linked to container orchestration and offers a precise method to monitor the initiation of containers.

Every container initiation spawns a new directory within the cgroupfs. By leveraging the cgroup_mkdir event and examining the metadata within the cgroupfs subdirectories, the container_create event is able to discern if the new directory corresponds to a freshly instantiated container.

As a result, it gathers detailed information about the container, including its runtime, image details, and related pod data. This gives a clear view of how containers are set up and run within the system.


  • runtime (const char*): The container runtime used (e.g., Docker, containerd, etc.).
  • container_id (const char*): The unique identifier for the container.
  • ctime (unsigned long): Creation timestamp of the container.
  • container_image (const char*): Image used to create the container.
  • container_image_digest (const char*): Digest of the container image.
  • container_name (const char*): Name of the container.
  • pod_name (const char*): Name of the pod that this container belongs to (if applicable).
  • pod_namespace (const char*): Namespace of the pod.
  • pod_uid (const char*): Unique identifier for the pod.
  • pod_sandbox (bool): Indicates if the pod is acting as a sandbox.

Derivation Logic

The container_create event is derived from the cgroup_mkdir event. First, it checks if the cgroup event belongs to a container root directory being created. It then uses the cgroup_id, from the cgroup directory inode, to retrieve container-specific information (enriched by tracee when talking to runtime daemons).

Example Use Case

  1. Security Monitoring: Detecting the creation of unexpected or malicious containers.
  2. Compliance Audits: Ensuring that only approved container images are used in production environments.
  3. Performance Monitoring: Identifying newly created containers that may consume significant resources.
  • cgroup_mkdir: The primary event from which container_create is derived. It provides details about the creation of cgroup directories.

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