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Docker socket abuse detected


The DockerAbuse signature is designed to identify malicious activities targeting the Docker UNIX socket, specifically when this activity originates from within a container.

This UNIX socket serves as the primary entry point for the Docker API. Malicious actions against this socket can be indicative of an attempt to compromise the host or the wider Docker environment.


Docker socket (docker.sock) represents a significant security boundary. When this socket is accessed from within a container, it provides a potential pathway for an attacker to execute commands directly on the host or on other containers. This could lead to a wide range of malicious activities such as container escape, launching of new containers, or even compromising the host system itself.


This signature aims to protect Docker environments by detecting when the UNIX socket is being abused. It is specifically tailored to identify the unauthorized access or malicious activities against the Docker socket from within a containerized environment.


  • ID: TRC-1019
  • Version: 1
  • Name: Docker socket abuse detected
  • EventName: docker_abuse
  • Description: Monitors for any suspicious activities targeting the Docker UNIX socket from within a container, which may indicate an attempt to compromise the Docker environment or the host system.
  • Properties:
  • Severity: 2
  • Category: privilege-escalation
  • Technique: Exploitation for Privilege Escalation
  • Kubernetes_Technique: N/A
  • id: attack-pattern--b21c3b2d-02e6-45b1-980b-e69051040839
  • external_id: T1068


Upon detection of any malicious or suspicious activity, the signature returns a Finding structure. The findings don't carry specific data fields related to the event, apart from the metadata of the event itself.

Events Used

This signature primarily responds to two event types:

  1. security_file_open - Indicative of a file being opened. This event is checked for access to the docker.sock file from within a container.
  2. security_socket_connect - Indicates a connection attempt to a UNIX socket. This event identifies if there's a connection to the Docker UNIX socket from within a container.

By monitoring these events, the signature ensures comprehensive coverage against potential Docker socket abuse.