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ftrace_hook - an ftrace hook was detected.


An event marking that an ftrace hook was detected on your system.


  • symbol:const char*[K] - the symbol that is being hooked.
  • trampoline:const char*[K] - the name/address of the ftrace trampoline.
  • callback:const char*[K] - the callback name/address that will be called once the symbol is being executed.
  • callback_offset:off_t[K] - the callback offset (inside the function).
  • callback_owner:const char*[K] - the owner of the callback (kernel module name if applicable etc)
  • flags:const char*[K] - the flags for ftrace. R: registers are passed to the callback; I: callback can change the RIP register value; D: direct call to the function; O: callsite-specific ops; M: the function had I or D.
  • count:unsigned long[K] - the number of callbacks registered with the symbol.


Self-triggered hook.

Example Use Case

./tracee -e ftrace_hook