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Contributing to the documentation

We welcome contributions to the Tracee documentation.

Our documentation aims to follow the Diátaxis documentation framework which includes:

  1. A getting started section -- Installation Guidelines and simple scenarios
  2. Tutorials -- End-to-end tutorials that have real-world use cases
  3. Reference Material -- How to use Tracee
  4. Contribution Guidelines

To contribute to the documentation please

  1. Clone the Tracee GitHub repository
  2. Make changes in the ./docs directory in the root folder
  3. Remember to edit the index in mkdocs.yml in the root folder if you add or move existing files or directories
  4. Test your changes to the documentation
  5. Submit a PR

Test Documentation Changes

You can test your changes to the documentation by building and running a docker container.

Prerequisites: Docker installed and running locally.

Build the container image:

make -f ./builder/Makefile.mkdocs mkdocs-build

Serve the container image:

make -f ./builder/Makefile.mkdocs mkdocs-serve

Open localhost:8000/tracee

Now you should see the documentation.