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Process VM Write Code Injection Detection


The ProcessVmWriteCodeInjection signature is designed to detect potential code injection attacks using the process_vm_writev syscall.

Code injection attacks involve injecting malicious code into another process's memory. Such techniques allow adversaries to execute their malicious payloads within the context of other processes, potentially evading detection and benefiting from the permissions of the targeted process.


The process_vm_writev syscall allows one process to write into another process's memory. While there are legitimate uses for this syscall, it can also be abused for code injection purposes.

The ProcessVmWriteCodeInjection signature closely monitors this syscall for indications of cross-process memory writes that might indicate malicious activity.


The core purpose of the ProcessVmWriteCodeInjection signature is to provide real-time detection and alerts when a process tries to write into another process's memory using the process_vm_writev syscall. This is critical because code injection can give attackers the ability to run arbitrary code with the permissions of the compromised process, making it a dangerous attack vector.


  • ID: TRC-1025
  • Version: 1
  • Name: Code injection detected using process_vm_writev syscall
  • EventName: process_vm_write_inject
  • Description: Detects possible code injection attempts into another process's memory. This technique is employed by adversaries to execute malicious code in the context of another process.
  • Properties:
  • Severity: 3 (Moderate to high threat level)
  • Category: defense-evasion
  • Technique: Process Injection
  • Kubernetes_Technique: N/A
  • id: attack-pattern--43e7dc91-05b2-474c-b9ac-2ed4fe101f4d
  • external_id: T1055


If a potential code injection attempt is detected, the signature returns a Finding data structure containing:

  • SigMetadata: Metadata outlining the threat as per the signature's definition.
  • Event: A detailed log of the specific event that triggered the detection.
  • Data: Currently set to nil, implying that no additional data is accompanying the detection.

Events Used

The primary event this signature monitors is:

  • process_vm_writev: Invoked when the process_vm_writev syscall is used. The signature verifies if the memory write is targeting another process's memory (i.e., when the source and destination PIDs don't match). If such a discrepancy is observed, it may be indicative of a code injection attempt.