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Production and cloud Integrations


Kubernetes is an open-source system for automating deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications.

Trivy Operator (Official)

Using the Trivy Operator you can install Trivy into a Kubernetes cluster so that it automatically and continuously scan your workloads and cluster for security issues.

👉 Get it at:

Harbor (Official)

Harbor is an open source cloud native container and artifact registry.

Trivy is natively integrated into Harbor, no installation is needed. More info in Harbor documentation:

Kyverno (Community)

Kyverno is a policy management tool for Kubernetes.

You can use Kyverno to ensure and enforce that deployed workloads' images are scanned for vulnerabilities.

👉 Get it at:

Zora (Community)

Zora is an open-source solution that scans Kubernetes clusters with multiple plugins at scheduled times.

Trivy is integrated into Zora as a vulnerability scanner plugin.

👉 Get it at:

Helmper (Community)

Helmper is a go program that reads Helm Charts from remote OCI registries and pushes the Helm Charts and the Helm Charts container images to your OCI registries with optional OS level vulnerability patching

Trivy is integrated into Helmper as a vulnerability scanner in combination with Copacetic to fix detected vulnerabilities.

👉 Get it at: