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IDE and developer tools Integrations

VSCode (Official)

Visual Studio Code is an open source versatile code editor and development environment.

👉 Get it at:

JetBrains (Official)

JetBrains makes IDEs such as Goland, Pycharm, IntelliJ, Webstorm, and more.

The Trivy plugin for JetBrains IDEs lets you use Trivy right from your development environment.

👉 Get it at:

Kubernetes Lens (Official)

Kubernetes Lens is a management application for Kubernetes clusters.

Trivy has an extension for Kubernetes Lens that lets you scan Kubernetes workloads and view the results in the Lens UI.

👉 Get it at:

Vim (Community)

Vim is a terminal based text editor.

Vim plugin for Trivy to install and run Trivy.

👉 Get it at:

Docker Desktop (Community)

Docker Desktop is an easy way to install Docker container engine on your development machine, and manage it in a GUI .

Trivy Docker Desktop extension for scanning container images for vulnerabilities and generating SBOMs

👉 Get it at:

Rancher Desktop (Community)

Rancher Desktop is an easy way to use containers and Kubernetes on your development machine, and manage it in a GUI.

Trivy is natively integrated with Rancher, no installation is needed. More info in Rancher documentation:

LazyTrivy (Community)

A terminal native UI for Trivy

👉 Get it at:

Trivy Vulnerability explorer (Community)

Web application that allows to load a Trivy report in json format and displays the vulnerabilities of a single target in an interactive data table

👉 Get it at:

Trivy pre-commit (Community)

A trivy pre-commit hook that runs a trivy fs in your git repo before commiting, preventing you from commiting secrets in the first place.

👉 Get it at:


The AWS Cloud Development Kit (AWS CDK) is an open-source software development framework to define cloud infrastructure in code and provision it through AWS CloudFormation.

image-scanner-with-trivy (Community)

A CDK Construct Library to scan an image with trivy in CDK codes.

👉 Get it at: