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Trivy supports four types of Node.js package managers: npm, Yarn, pnpm and Bun1.

The following scanners are supported.

Artifact SBOM Vulnerability License
pnpm -

The following table provides an outline of the features Trivy offers.

Package manager File Transitive dependencies Dev dependencies Dependency graph Position
npm package-lock.json Excluded
Yarn yarn.lock Excluded
pnpm pnpm-lock.yaml Excluded -
Bun yarn.lock Excluded

In addition, Trivy scans installed packages with package.json.

File Dependency graph Position License
package.json - -

These may be enabled or disabled depending on the target. See here for the detail.

Package managers

Trivy parses your files generated by package managers in filesystem/repository scanning.


Please make sure your lock file is up-to-date after modifying package.json.


Trivy parses package-lock.json. To identify licenses, you need to download dependencies to node_modules beforehand. Trivy analyzes node_modules for licenses.

By default, Trivy doesn't report development dependencies. Use the --include-dev-deps flag to include them.


Trivy parses yarn.lock, which doesn't contain information about development dependencies. Trivy also uses package.json file to handle aliases.

To exclude devDependencies and allow aliases, package.json also needs to be present next to yarn.lock.

Trivy analyzes .yarn (Yarn 2+) or node_modules (Yarn Classic) folder next to the yarn.lock file to detect licenses.

By default, Trivy doesn't report development dependencies. Use the --include-dev-deps flag to include them.


Trivy parses pnpm-lock.yaml, then finds production dependencies and builds a tree of dependencies with vulnerabilities.

lock file v9 version

Trivy supports Dev field for pnpm-lock.yaml v9 or later. Use the --include-dev-deps flag to include the developer's dependencies in the result.


Trivy supports scanning yarn.lock files generated by Bun. You can use the command bun install -y to generate a Yarn-compatible yarn.lock.


bun.lockb is not supported.


Trivy parses the manifest files of installed packages in container image scanning and so on.


Trivy searches for package.json files under node_modules and identifies installed packages. It only extracts package names, versions and licenses for those packages.

  1. yarn.lock must be generated