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Built-in Checks

Check Sources

Built-in checks are mainly written in Rego and Go. Those checks are managed under trivy-checks repository. See here for the list of supported config types.

For suggestions or issues regarding policy content, please open an issue under the trivy-checks repository.

Check Distribution

Trivy checks are distributed as an OPA bundle on GitHub Container Registry (GHCR). When misconfiguration detection is enabled, Trivy pulls the OPA bundle from GHCR as an OCI artifact and stores it in the cache. Those checks are then loaded into Trivy OPA engine and used for detecting misconfigurations. If Trivy is unable to pull down newer checks, it will use the embedded set of checks as a fallback. This is also the case in air-gap environments where --skip-policy-update might be passed.

Update Interval

Trivy checks for updates to OPA bundle on GHCR every 24 hours and pulls it if there are any updates.