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trivy convert

Convert Trivy JSON report into a different format

trivy convert [flags] RESULT_JSON


  # report conversion
  $ trivy image --format json --output result.json --list-all-pkgs debian:11
  $ trivy convert --format cyclonedx --output result.cdx result.json


      --compliance string          compliance report to generate
      --dependency-tree            [EXPERIMENTAL] show dependency origin tree of vulnerable packages
      --exit-code int              specify exit code when any security issues are found
      --exit-on-eol int            exit with the specified code when the OS reaches end of service/life
  -f, --format string              format (table,json,template,sarif,cyclonedx,spdx,spdx-json,github,cosign-vuln) (default "table")
  -h, --help                       help for convert
      --ignore-policy string       specify the Rego file path to evaluate each vulnerability
      --ignorefile string          specify .trivyignore file (default ".trivyignore")
      --list-all-pkgs              enabling the option will output all packages regardless of vulnerability
  -o, --output string              output file name
      --output-plugin-arg string   [EXPERIMENTAL] output plugin arguments
      --report string              specify a report format for the output (all,summary) (default "all")
  -s, --severity strings           severities of security issues to be displayed (UNKNOWN,LOW,MEDIUM,HIGH,CRITICAL) (default [UNKNOWN,LOW,MEDIUM,HIGH,CRITICAL])
  -t, --template string            output template

Options inherited from parent commands

      --cache-dir string          cache directory (default "/path/to/cache")
  -c, --config string             config path (default "trivy.yaml")
  -d, --debug                     debug mode
      --generate-default-config   write the default config to trivy-default.yaml
      --insecure                  allow insecure server connections
  -q, --quiet                     suppress progress bar and log output
      --timeout duration          timeout (default 5m0s)
  -v, --version                   show version


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