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Policy Reporter Integration

Policy Reporter adds observability and monitoring possibilities to cluster security based on the PolicyReport CRD, developed by the Kubernetes Policy Working Group.

Key features are:

  • New results can be send to different clients like Grafana Loki, Slack, Discord or MS Teams
  • A webbased dashboard to get a graphical overview of all results with optional filters
  • E-Mail Reports on a regular basis about the current status of your cluster security
  • Provide metrics to observe violations in well known monitoring solutions like Grafana
  • Can also be integrated with other tools such as Tracee, Kyverno or Falco


With fjogeleit/trivy-operator-polr-adapter it is possible to create generalized (Cluster)PolicyReport CRD from the various Trivy Operator CRDs, which allows integration with Policy Reporter.



Policy Reporter UI - PolicyReport VulnerabilityReports Screenshot


Policy Reporter UI - PolicyReport ConfigAuditReports Screenshot