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Available Rules

To view the list of available rules, run Tracee with the --list flag.

We are currently working on creating a library of behavioral signature detections. Currently, the following are available:

Name Description Tags
Standard Input/Output Over Socket Redirection of process's standard input/output to socket "linux", "container"
Anti-Debugging Process uses anti-debugging technique to block debugger "linux", "container"
Code injection Possible code injection into another process "linux", "container"
Dynamic Code Loading Writing to executable allocated memory region "linux", "container"
Fileless Execution Executing a process from memory, without a file in the disk "linux", "container"
kernel module loading Attempt to load a kernel module detection "linux", "container"
LD_PRELOAD Usage of LD_PRELOAD to allow hooks on process "linux", "container"
Container Host Mount Mounting of the host filesystem into a container "container"
Dropped Executable Creation or dropping of an executable file from a container at runtime "linux", "container"
Illegitimate Shell Spawning of a shell program "linux", "container"
K8S API Connection Connection to the Kubernetes cluster API server "container"
K8S Service Account Use Reading of the Kubernetes service account token file in a container "container"
K8S TLS Certificate Theft Accessing of the TLS certificate used for secure communication between Kubernetes components "linux", "container"