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The KubeHunterReport is a cluster scoped resource which represents the outcome of running pen tests against your cluster. Currently the data model is the same as kube-hunter's output, but we can make it more generic to onboard third party pen testing tools.

As shown in the following listing there's zero to one instances of KubeHunterReports with hardcoded name cluster. Since there's no built-in Kubernetes resource that represents a cluster Starboard does not set any owner reference.

kind: KubeHunterReport
  name: cluster
    starboard.resource.kind: Cluster cluster
  uid: 958ca06b-6393-4e44-a6a6-11ce823c94fe
    name: kube-hunter
    vendor: Aqua Security
    version: 0.4.1
    highCount: 0
    lowCount: 1
    mediumCount: 0
    unknownCount: 0
  - avd_reference:
    category: Access Risk
    description: |-
      CAP_NET_RAW is enabled by default for pods.
          If an attacker manages to compromise a pod,
          they could potentially take advantage of this capability to perform network
          attacks on other pods running on the same node
    evidence: ""
    location: Local to Pod (cf63974f-26a4-43f7-9409-44102fc75900-sl7vq)
    severity: low
    vid: None
    vulnerability: CAP_NET_RAW Enabled