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From the Binary Releases

Every release of Starboard provides binary releases for a variety of operating systems. These binary versions can be manually downloaded and installed.

  1. Download desired release archive for your platform
  2. Unpack it. As an example for macOS platform, run the following command:
    tar -zxvf starboard_darwin_x86_64.tar.gz
  3. Find the starboard binary in the unpacked directory, and move it to its desired destination
    mv ./starboard /usr/local/bin/starboard

From there, you should be able to run Starboard CLI commands: starboard help

kubectl plugin

The Starboard CLI is compatible with kubectl and is intended as kubectl plugin, but it's perfectly fine to run it as a stand-alone executable. If you rename the starboard executable to kubectl-starboard and if it's in your path, you can invoke it using kubectl starboard.