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Trivy can be configured using the following ways. Each item takes precedence over the item below it:

  • CLI flags
  • Environment variables
  • Configuration file

CLI Flags

You can view the list of available flags using the --help option. For more details, please refer to the CLI reference.

Environment Variables

Trivy can be customized by environment variables. The environment variable key is the flag name converted by the following procedure.

  • Add TRIVY_ prefix
  • Make it all uppercase
  • Replace - with _

For example,

  • --debug => TRIVY_DEBUG
  • --cache-dir => TRIVY_CACHE_DIR
$ TRIVY_DEBUG=true TRIVY_SEVERITY=CRITICAL trivy image alpine:3.15

Configuration File

By default, Trivy reads the trivy.yaml file. For more details, please refer to the page.