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OS Packages

Trivy is capable of automatically detecting installed OS packages when scanning container images, VM images and running hosts. This page provides an overview of OS packages in the context of Trivy scans.

Supported OS

The unfixed/unfixable vulnerabilities mean that the patch has not yet been provided on their distribution. To hide unfixed/unfixable vulnerabilities, you can use the --ignore-unfixed flag.

Trivy doesn't support self-compiled packages/binaries, but official packages provided by vendors such as Red Hat and Debian.

OS Supported Versions Target Packages Detection of unfixed vulnerabilities
Alpine Linux 2.2 - 2.7, 3.0 - 3.18, edge Installed by apk NO
Wolfi Linux (n/a) Installed by apk NO
Chainguard (n/a) Installed by apk NO
Red Hat Universal Base Image1 7, 8, 9 Installed by yum/rpm YES
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6, 7, 8 Installed by yum/rpm YES
CentOS 6, 7, 8 Installed by yum/rpm YES
AlmaLinux 8, 9 Installed by yum/rpm NO
Rocky Linux 8, 9 Installed by yum/rpm NO
Oracle Linux 5, 6, 7, 8 Installed by yum/rpm NO
CBL-Mariner 1.0, 2.0 Installed by yum/rpm YES
Amazon Linux 1, 2, 2023 Installed by yum/rpm NO
openSUSE Leap 42, 15 Installed by zypper/rpm NO
SUSE Enterprise Linux 11, 12, 15 Installed by zypper/rpm NO
Photon OS 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0 Installed by tdnf/yum/rpm NO
Debian GNU/Linux wheezy, jessie, stretch, buster, bullseye Installed by apt/apt-get/dpkg YES
Ubuntu All versions supported by Canonical Installed by apt/apt-get/dpkg YES
Distroless2 Any Installed by apt/apt-get/dpkg YES

Data Sources

OS Source
Arch Linux Vulnerable Issues
Alpine Linux secdb
Wolfi Linux secdb
Chainguard secdb
Amazon Linux Amazon Linux Security Center
Debian Security Bug Tracker
Ubuntu Ubuntu CVE Tracker
Security Data
AlmaLinux AlmaLinux Product Errata
Rocky Linux Rocky Linux UpdateInfo
Oracle Linux OVAL
CBL-Mariner OVAL
Photon OS Photon Security Advisory

Data source selection

Trivy only consumes security advisories from the sources listed in the above table.

As for packages installed from OS package managers (dpkg, yum, apk, etc.), Trivy uses the advisory database from the appropriate OS vendor.

For example: for a python package installed from yum (Amazon linux), Trivy will only get advisories from ALAS. But for a python package installed from another source (e.g. pip), Trivy will get advisories from the GitLab and GitHub databases.

This advisory selection is essential to avoid getting false positives because OS vendors usually backport upstream fixes, and the fixed version can be different from the upstream fixed version. The severity is from the selected data source. If the data source does not provide severity, it falls back to NVD, and if NVD does not have severity, it will be UNKNOWN.



Trivy scans CBL-Mariner.


The following table provides an outline of the features Trivy offers.

Version Container image Virtual machine Distroless Multi-arch Unfixed support
1.0 amd64, arm64
2.0 amd64, arm64


➜ trivy image
2022-07-27T14:48:20.355+0600    INFO    Detected OS: cbl-mariner
2022-07-27T14:48:20.355+0600    INFO    Detecting CBL-Mariner vulnerabilities...
2022-07-27T14:48:20.356+0600    INFO    Number of language-specific files: 0 (cbl-mariner 2.0.20220527)

Total: 33 (UNKNOWN: 0, LOW: 0, MEDIUM: 15, HIGH: 13, CRITICAL: 5)
➜ docker run  -it --rm --entrypoint bin/bash
root [ / ]# tdnf -y install ca-certificates
root [ / ]# # Install the latest Trivy
root [ / ]# trivy rootfs /
2022-07-27T09:30:06.815Z    INFO    Need to update DB
2022-07-27T09:30:06.815Z    INFO    DB Repository:
2022-07-27T09:30:06.815Z    INFO    Downloading DB...
33.25 MiB / 33.25 MiB [------------------------------] 100.00% 4.20 MiB p/s 8.1s
2022-07-27T09:30:21.756Z    INFO    Vulnerability scanning is enabled
2022-07-27T09:30:21.756Z    INFO    Secret scanning is enabled
2022-07-27T09:30:21.756Z    INFO    If your scanning is slow, please try '--scanners vuln' to disable secret scanning
2022-07-27T09:30:21.756Z    INFO    Please see also for faster secret detection
2022-07-27T09:30:22.205Z    INFO    Detected OS: cbl-mariner
2022-07-27T09:30:22.205Z    INFO    Detecting CBL-Mariner vulnerabilities...
2022-07-27T09:30:22.205Z    INFO    Number of language-specific files: 0

40ba9a55397c (cbl-mariner 2.0.20220527)
Total: 33 (UNKNOWN: 0, LOW: 0, MEDIUM: 15, HIGH: 13, CRITICAL: 5)