Trivy (tri pronounced like trigger, vy pronounced like envy) is a simple and comprehensive vulnerability/misconfiguration/secret scanner for containers and other artifacts. Trivy detects vulnerabilities of OS packages (Alpine, RHEL, CentOS, etc.) and language-specific packages (Bundler, Composer, npm, yarn, etc.). In addition, Trivy scans Infrastructure as Code (IaC) files such as Terraform and Kubernetes, to detect potential configuration issues that expose your deployments to the risk of attack. Trivy also scans hardcoded secrets like passwords, API keys and tokens. Trivy is easy to use. Just install the binary and you're ready to scan. All you need to do for scanning is to specify a target such as an image name of the container.


Demo: Vulnerability Detection
Demo: Misconfiguration Detection
Demo: Secret Detection

Trivy is an Aqua Security open source project.
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