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Community Tools

The open source community has been hard at work developing new tools for Trivy. You can check out some of them here.

Have you created a tool that’s not listed? Add the name and description of your integration and open a pull request in the GitHub repository to get your change merged.

GitHub Actions

Actions Description
gitrivy GitHub Issue + Trivy
trivy-github-issues GitHub Actions for creating GitHub Issues according to the Trivy scanning result


Name Description
Continuous Vulnerability Testing with Trivy Tutorial on scanning code, containers, infrastructure, and Kubernetes with Semaphore CI/CD.


Orb Description
fifteen5/trivy-orb Orb for running Trivy, a security scanner


Name Description
Trivy Vulnerability Explorer Explore trivy vulnerability reports in your browser and create .trivyignore files interactively. Can be integrated in your CI/CD tooling with deep links.