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Embed in Dockerfile

Scan your image as part of the build process by embedding Trivy in the Dockerfile. This approach can be used to update Dockerfiles currently using Aqua’s Microscanner.

$ cat Dockerfile
FROM alpine:3.7

RUN apk add curl \
    && curl -sfL | sh -s -- -b /usr/local/bin \
    && trivy rootfs --exit-code 1 --no-progress /

$ docker build -t vulnerable-image .
Alternatively you can use Trivy in a multistage build. Thus avoiding the insecure curl | sh. Also the image is not changed.
# Run vulnerability scan on build image
FROM build AS vulnscan
COPY --from=aquasec/trivy:latest /usr/local/bin/trivy /usr/local/bin/trivy
RUN trivy rootfs --exit-code 1 --no-progress /