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Combined input


Trivy usually scans each configuration file individually. Sometimes it might be useful to compare values from different configuration files simultaneously.

When combine is set to true, all config files under the specified directory are combined into one input data structure.


__rego_input__ := {
    "combine": false,

In "combine" mode, the input document becomes an array, where each element is an object with two fields:

  • "path": "path/to/file": the relative file path of the respective file
  • "contents": ...: the parsed content of the respective file

Now you can ensure that duplicate values match across the entirety of your configuration files.

Return value

In "combine" mode, the deny entrypoint must return an object with two keys

filepath (required)
the relative file path of the file being evaluated
msg (required)
the message describing an issue


deny[res] {
    resource := input[i].contents
    ... some logic ...

    res := {
        "filepath": input[i].path,
        "msg": "something bad",