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Managed Registries

Amazon Elastic Container Registry (ECR)

You must create an IAM OIDC identity provider for your cluster:

eksctl utils associate-iam-oidc-provider \
  --cluster <cluster_name> \

Override the existing trivy-operator service account and attach the IAM policy to grant it permission to pull images from the ECR:

eksctl create iamserviceaccount \
  --name trivy-operator \
  --namespace trivy-system \
  --cluster <cluster_name> \
  --attach-policy-arn arn:aws:iam::aws:policy/AmazonEC2ContainerRegistryReadOnly \
  --approve \

Azure Container Registry (ACR)

Before you can start, you need to install aad-pod-identity inside your cluster, see installation instructions:

Create a managed identity and assign the permission to the ACR.

export IDENTITY_NAME=trivy-operator-identity
export AZURE_RESOURCE_GROUP=<my_resource_group>
export AZURE_LOCATION=westeurope
export ACR_NAME=<my_azure_container_registry>

az identity create --name ${IDENTITY_NAME} --resource-group ${AZURE_RESOURCE_GROUP} --location ${AZURE_LOCATION}

export IDENTITY_ID=(az identity show --name ${IDENTITY_NAME} --resource-group ${AZURE_RESOURCE_GROUP} --query id -o tsv)
export IDENTITY_CLIENT_ID=$(az identity show --name ${IDENTITY_NAME} --resource-group ${AZURE_RESOURCE_GROUP} --query clientId -o tsv)
export ACR_ID=$(az acr show --name ${ACR_NAME} --query id -o tsv)

az role assignment create --assignee ${IDENTITY_CLIENT_ID} --role 'AcrPull' --scope ${ACR_ID}

create an AzureIdentity and AzureIdentityBinding resource inside your kubernetes cluster:

kind: AzureIdentity
  name: trivy-identity
  namespace: trivy-system
  clientID: ${IDENTITY_ID}
  type: 0

 kind: AzureIdentityBinding
   name: trivy-id-binding
   namespace: trivy-system
   azureIdentity: trivy-operator-identity
   selector: trivy-operator-label

add scanJob.podTemplateLabels to the Trivy Operator config map, the value must match the AzureIdentityBinding selector.

kubectl -n trivy-system edit cm trivy-operator
# Insert scanJob.podTemplateLabels: aadpodidbinding=trivy-operator-label in data block

# validate
kubectl -ntrivy-system get cm trivy-operator -o jsonpath='{.data.scanJob\.podTemplateLabels}'