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Configuration Auditing


the following flags can be set with the trivy-operator-trivy-cofnig configmap in order to impact scanning

trivy.useBuiltinRegoPolicies true The Flag to enable the usage of builtin rego policies by default
trivy.supportedConfigAuditKinds Workload,Service,Role,ClusterRole,NetworkPolicy,Ingress,LimitRange,ResourceQuota The Flag is the list of supported kinds separated by comma delimiter to be scanned by the config audit scanner

As your organization deploys containerized workloads in Kubernetes environments, you will be faced with many configuration choices related to images, containers, control plane, and data plane. Setting these configurations improperly creates a high-impact security and compliance risk. DevOps, and platform owners need the ability to continuously assess build artifacts, workloads, and infrastructure against configuration hardening standards to remediate any violations.

trivy-operator configuration audit capabilities are purpose-built for Kubernetes environments. In particular, trivy Operator continuously checks images, workloads, and Kubernetes infrastructure components against common configurations security standards and generates detailed assessment reports, which are then stored in the default Kubernetes database.

Kubernetes applications and other core configuration objects, such as Ingress, NetworkPolicy and ResourceQuota resources, are evaluated against Built-in Policies. Additionally, application and infrastructure owners can integrate these reports into incident response workflows for active remediation.