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Detections: Deliver using Falcosidekick


Falcosidekick is a useful webhook server that can be configured to connect to various "outputs" such as: Slack, Mattermost, Teams, Datadog, Prometheus, StatsD, Email, Elasticsearch, Loki, PagerDuty, OpsGenie, and many more.

To use Tracee with Falcosidekick:

  1. Obtain connection credentials to the system you want to integrate with.

    1. Consult the system's documentation and look for how to configure an incoming webhook.
  2. Start the Falcosidekick container, configured with the obtained output credentials:

    1. See the Falcosidekick Readme for full documentation.
  3. Start Tracee while configuring it to post detections to the Falcosidekick endpoint.

    1. If using Docker, you can use the simple link flag to allow the containers to communicate
    2. Use the webhook flag to point to the Falcosidekick container's endpoint
    3. Tracee ships with a built-in template for Falcosidekick


  1. Start Falcosidekick configured to post to Slack:

    docker run --name falcosidekick -p 2801:2801 \
  2. Start Tracee, linking it to the Falcosidekick container, and configuring it to call it on detections:

    $ docker run \
        --name tracee --rm -it \
        --pid=host --cgroupns=host --privileged \
        -v /etc/os-release:/etc/os-release-host:ro \
        -e LIBBPFGO_OSRELEASE_FILE=/etc/os-release-host \
        --link falcosidekick aquasec/tracee:0.8.0 \
        --webhook-template /tracee/templates/falcosidekick.tmpl \
        --webhook-content-type application/json \
        --webhook http://FALCOSIDEKICK:2801