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pselect6_time32 - select a subset of file descriptors based on given time frame


This event is a Linux version of select system call. It allows user to select subset of file descriptors, or sockets, withing a given time frame. The time frame is defined by the last argument, a timeout structure.

The pselect6_time32 system call is used to wait for a given set of file descriptors to become ready to perform read, write orupdate operations, or to get a notification when one of the specified set of signals arrives within given time frame.


  • n:int - maximum number of file descriptors to select from.
  • inp:fd_set* - pointer to set of file descriptors that are being tested for readiness.
  • outp:fd_set* - pointer to a set of file descriptors that are set if they become ready.
  • exp:fd_set* - pointer to a set of file descriptors that will be set if an error occurs.
  • tsp:struct old_timespec32*[KU] - pointer to a timeout structure.
  • sig:void*[K] - pointer to set of signals to be watched.

Available Tags

  • K - Originated from kernel-space.
  • U - Originated from user space (for example, pointer to user space memory used to get it)






Log the arguments given to pselect6_time32 for troubleshooting.



In-kernel hooking


To hook calls to the pselect6_time32 system call in kernel and log the arguments for further analysis.

Example Use Case

Let's say we have a whole set of file descriptors that have to be open in order to execute our program. However, the conditions under which they can be opened are limited, and we would like to know if all the file descriptors are ready to use within the given time frame. To do this, we can use pselect6_time32 to wait for all the file descriptors to be ready, and provides us a subset of the file descriptors that are actually ready. On failure, the exp set contains file descriptors that couldn't be ready within the timeout.


The last argument, sig, is designed to work as a synchronous equivalent of sigevent, which can be used to execute asynchronous operations on signals. As of version 5.4 of the Linux kernel, this argument is not implemented and have to be passed as null or ignored.

  • select - related event with wider compatiblity, but no support for timeout.
  • pselect6 - similar to pselect6_time32 except the timeout structure takes old_timespec instead of old_timespec32 format.

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