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Sensitive attributes such as passwords and API tokens should not be available in your templates, especially in a plaintext form. You can declare variables to hold the secrets, assuming you can provide values for those variables in a secure fashion. Alternatively, you can store these secrets in a secure secret store, such as AWS KMS.

NOTE: It is also recommended to store your Terraform state in an encrypted form.

Possible Impact

Block attribute could be leaking secrets

Suggested Resolution

Don't include sensitive data in blocks

Insecure Example

The following example will fail the general-secrets-sensitive-in-attribute check.

resource "evil_corp" "bad_example" {
    root_password = "p4ssw0rd"

Secure Example

The following example will pass the general-secrets-sensitive-in-attribute check.

variable "password" {
  description = "The root password for our VM"
  type        = string

resource "evil_corp" "good_example" {
    root_password = var.passwordx