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Welcome to Starboard

Starboard integrates security tools into the Kubernetes environment, so that users can find and view the risks that relate to different resources in a Kubernetes-native way. Starboard provides custom resources definitions and a Go module to work with a range of existing security scanners, as well as a kubectl-compatible command, the Octant plugin, and the Lens extension that make security reports available through familiar Kubernetes tools.

Starboard can be run in two different modes:

  • As a command, so you can trigger scans and view the risks in a kubectl-compatible way or as part of your CI/CD pipeline.
  • As an operator to automatically update security reports in response to workload and other changes on a Kubernetes cluster - for example, initiating a vulnerability scan when a new pod is started.


Even though manual scanning through the command-line is useful, the fact that it's not automated makes it less suitable with a large number of Kubernetes workloads. Therefore, the operator provides a better option for these scenarios, constantly monitoring built-in Kubernetes resources, such as Deployments, and running appropriate scanners against the underlying deployment descriptors.

What's Next?