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Tracee: Runtime Security and Forensics using eBPF

Tracee is a runtime security and forensics tool for Linux based cloud deployments. It uses eBPF to trace the host OS and applications at runtime, and analyzes collected events in order to detect suspicious behavioral patterns. It can be run as a daemon-set in your kubernetes environment, but is flexible to be run for many purposes on any Linux based hosts. It can be delivered via Helm, as a docker container, or as a small set of static binaries.

The goal of Tracee is to serve as an easy to use and effective solution for learning when cloud native attacks occur in your environment. By leveraging Aqua's advanced security research, performant eBPF based detection, and cloud native first approach Tracee makes runtime detection accesible, powerful, and effective.

Watch a quick video demo of Tracee:

Tracee Live Demo AND Q&A

Check out the Tracee video hub for more videos.

Quickstart (Kubernetes)

Tracee is designed to monitor hosts in kubernetes clusters. To see this in action check out the quickstart here.

Quickstart (docker)

To get a closer feel for what tracee accomplishes, you can run tracee on your local machine. Follow along to the quickstart here

Pipeline protection with Tracee

Tracee can be used to protect GitHub Actions workflows against supply chain attacks. See the tracee-action project for more information.

Tracee is an Aqua Security open source project. Learn about our open source work and portfolio Here. Join the community, and talk to us about any matter in GitHub Discussion or Slack.